Parking at Budapešť Car Parking- Covered

from 21,000.00 HUF / week

The comfortable air-conditioned bus runs free of charge on request and can hold a large amount of luggage. Great prices for long-term and short-term parking.

Budapest Car Parking is located only 1.5 km from Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport. The car park is secure, fenced, monitored by a camera system and open 24/7. It offers outdoor parking and covered in a 350 m2 brick hall. Covered parking is only available for cars.

On the day of departure, arrive directly at the car park. After filling in the papers, you will remove the parking ticket, which is proof that you own the car. It also has a telephone number on which you can request a transfer back to the car park upon arrival. The car park staff will then park your car for you. If you do not want someone else to park your car, you can park it yourself. The staff will then help you with your luggage. The shuttle minibus runs on request and will be ready for you within 15 minutes of arriving at the car park.

After returning and picking up your luggage, please call the car park so that a minibus will send you. He comes in 15-20 minutes, but can’t wait long, so don’t call the parking lot too soon. The minibus will take you back to the car park and the staff will help you with your luggage again. After picking up the car, you can continue on your way.

The recommended time of arrival at the car park is at least 30 minutes before you need to be at the airport. This time is used for paper filling and transport. The price for parking includes a return transfer to the airport and does not include any hidden fees.

The booking confirmation containing the address and telephone number of the car park, together with other relevant information and instructions, will be sent to you by email after the booking is completed.

Photos that are created during the entry administration process and that are captured by security cameras are treated in accordance with the law. They will be archived for a maximum of 30 days and then deleted.
It is the customer’s responsibility to carefully plan their arrival at the car park and to arrive well in advance. The car park operator does not take responsibility for missed flights.
Covered parking is only available for cars. Please note this restriction when booking.

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