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Park & Fly acts as a booking agent only and therefore all responsibility and liability for all vehicles lie with the car park, hotel, meet and greet service or other establishment (“Parking Provider”) reserved. You agree that you are making a booking through a Park & Fly website for online booking agency services only, and the supply of car parking is made by the Parking Provider to you directly when you arrive at the pre-booked location. The Parking Providers are independent companies and not agents or employees of Park & Fly. Park & Fly is not liable for the acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence of any such suppliers or for any personal injuries, death, property damage, or other damages or expenses resulting therefrom. Park & Fly has no liability and will make no refund in the event of strike, force majeure or other causes beyond its direct control, and it has no responsibility for any additional expense, omissions, delays, re-routing or acts of any government or authority.

Park & Fly monitors prices to offer the best value for money. Prices can go up as well as down due to seasonal variations and special offers. All prices shown are for pre-booking online and the prices quoted by Parking Providers are usually inclusive of any applicable VAT (or local country equivalent) chargeable in the provider’s country, and include any and all other applicable taxes unless otherwise indicated. There are no payment surcharges regardless of the method of payment used.


Booking and Cancellation Procedures


  • 1. Bookings made through any Park & Fly website generate booking vouchers automatically upon completion of a booking. This voucher may be generated by Park & Fly or by the Parking Provider directly. A booking however is not a guaranteed place. Park & Fly or the Parking Provider may cancel a booking if the Parking Provider is not able to fulfil it. In this circumstance, a full refund will be given if you have pre-paid online.
  • 2. Please make sure you have directions and instructions for the service you have booked, as well as the Parking Provider’s telephone number, and details of the entry and exit procedures. It is your responsibility to obtain valid directions before departing – any missed bookings, flights or other problems arising from your failure to obtain valid directions will not be refunded by Park & Fly.
  • 3. If you are charged a higher price than that confirmed on your booking voucher by the Parking Provider because you do not follow the correct booking, entry or exit procedure, or if you fail to present your booking voucher, Park & Fly will not be able to obtain a refund on your behalf.
  • 4. Transfers to a given location may be included in the prices shown on the relevant Park & Fly website, but please check the Parking Provider details listed on the appropriate website or contact Park & Fly before placing your booking to confirm this.
  • 5. If you stay for fewer days than your original booking, it is at the discretion of the Parking Provider whether any discount or refund is applied.
  • 6. Price calculations vary according to many factors, including but not limited to the booking date, length of stay, vehicle drop-off date/time and vehicle pick-up date/time.
  • 7. Depending on the Parking Provider and product you have selected, you may have to leave your vehicle keys with Parking Provider staff. In this case, you must ensure, before leaving your vehicle with the Parking Provider, that it is in a roadworthy condition and that it has all applicable regulatory requirements (e.g. insurance) in place. The Parking Provider in this case reserves the right to move your vehicle within or outside of the car park by driving or otherwise to such extent as the Parking Provider, or its employees, may at their discretion think necessary for the efficient arrangement of its parking facilities at the car park, in emergencies or to avoid accidents or obstructions. Should the Parking Provider’s employees need to take your vehicle on the public highway, the Parking Provider’s drivers should be fully insured by the Parking Provider for this purpose, however, customers should verify this for themselves.
  • 8. All parking is subject to the terms and conditions of the individual Parking Provider. It is your responsibility to request the Parking Provider’s terms and conditions before or upon arrival.
  • 9. Any circumstances resulting in the Parking Provider’s employees being kept waiting, including but not limited to, input errors, or late arrivals by customers, may result in an administration charge, payable to the Parking Provider’s employees immediately, or the withdrawal of the service with no refund.
  • 10. High-sided or wide vehicles: Not all Parking Providers can accommodate oversized vehicles, vans, camper-vans etc. and, if accepted, there may be an extra charge. Unless specified within the car park information provided on the relevant Par & Fly website, any bookings for parking are valid only for small/average-sized cars. If a vehicle does not fit into this category, it is the customer’s responsibility to select the appropriate vehicle type on the booking form, or, if not available, to contact Park & Fly before booking. Park & Fly will not accept refund requests for any supplement charged at the car park if the appropriate vehicle type is not specified when booking, or if the vehicle type cannot be accepted by the Parking Provider.
  • 11. Park & Fly advises customers to arrive with plenty of time to continue their onward travel.
  • 12. All vehicles are parked at the customer’s risk. In the event of any complaint, claim or dispute (e.g. if a vehicle should suffer damage whilst left with a Parking Provider, or should a vehicle, or any of its contents, be lost whilst left with a Parking Provider), the customer must deal directly with the Parking Provider concerned. Under no circumstances will Park & Fly take any responsibility for such an event. Any claims for loss or damage to vehicles or in relation to the quality of the service provided should be made to the Parking Provider. Park & Fly will, on request, provide contact details for the Parking Provider. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
  • 13. Some Parking Providers apply administrative costs and fees to amendments and cancellations. Where applicable, it will be stated at the time of booking and on your booking voucher.
  • 14. Some Parking Providers advise that their services are non-refundable and/or non-amendable. Where applicable, it will be stated at the time of booking and on your booking voucher.
  • Park & Fly’s websites contains hyperlinks to websites operated by third parties. Park & Fly does not control such websites and will not be held responsible for their content, or for any breach of contract, or any intentional or negligent action on the part of such third parties which result in any loss, damage, delay or injury to you or your companions. Park & Fly is not responsible for the accuracy of opinions expressed in such websites, and such websites are not investigated, monitored or checked for accuracy or completeness by Park & Fly. Inclusion of any linked website on the Park & Fly website does not imply or constitute approval or endorsement of the linked website by Park & Fly. If you decide to leave the Park & Fly website to access these third party sites, you do so at your own risk. All rules, policies (including privacy policies) and operating procedures of websites operated by third parties will apply to you while on such sites. Park & Fly is not responsible for information provided by you to third parties.
  • All content of the Park & Fly websites is copyright © GDL s.r.o, All rights reserved. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Images on any Park & Fly websites are incorporated for viewing purposes only and may not be saved or downloaded in any format. Any customer reviews featured on Park & Fly’s websites do not represent the opinions of Park & Fly.
  • The information, products and services published on Park & Fly’s websites may include inaccuracies or typographical errors. In particular, Park & Fly does not guarantee the accuracy of, and disclaims liability for, inaccuracies relating to the information and descriptions of the products provided on any Park & Fly website (including, but without limitation to, photographs, lists of amenities, general descriptions, etc.), much of which is provided by the Parking Providers. Any ratings displayed on Park & Fly websites are intended only as general guidelines, and Park & Fly does not guarantee the accuracy of such ratings. Changes are periodically made to the information herein. Park & Fly and/or its respective suppliers may make improvements and/or changes to any website at any time. Park & Fly and/or its respective suppliers make no representations about the suitability of the information, products, and services contained on the Park & Fly websites for any purpose and the inclusion or sale of any products or services on Park & Fly’s websites does not constitute any endorsement or recommendation of such products or services by Park & Fly. Park & Fly, and/or its respective suppliers, hereby disclaim all warranties, terms and conditions with regard to this information, software, products, and services, including all implied warranties, and conditions, of suitable quality, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement. Park & Fly and its suppliers will not be liable, under any circumstances, for any damages (including, but not limited to, indirect, incidental, punitive, special, or consequential) arising out of, or in any way connected with the use of, Park & Fly’s websites, or with the delay or inability to use Park & Fly’s website, or for any information, software, products, and services obtained through any Park & Fly website, or otherwise arising out of the use of any Park & Fly website, (including, but not limited to, loss of use, data, profits, savings or opportunities), whether based on contract, strict liability or otherwise, even if Park & Fly and/or any of its suppliers have been advised of the possibility of damages. Park & Fly and/or its respective suppliers shall be liable for direct loss arising out of the use of the Park & Fly website, whether based on contract, strict liability or otherwise, up to a maximum of the total value of the transaction under which the claim arises for any one event or series of connected events. These terms and conditions and foregoing liability disclaimer do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
  • As a condition of your use of a Park & Fly website, you warrant to Park & Fly that you will not use the website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms, conditions and notices.


Cancellation Policy

You must make all cancellation and amendment requests by emailing Park & Fly on the published email address. If you email your cancellation request, it can only be actioned during office hours and the cancellation notice period will be calculated from the moment when Park & Fly actually processes the cancellation request.

Please note that the following cases will not be refunded:


  • Onward travel changes (including cancelled flights, cruises, train travel etc.):

    No Refund. It is your responsibility to remain informed of any onward travel changes and to adjust your timetable accordingly, informing Park & Fly of any relevant changes. Park & Fly will not be held accountable if your onward travel changes (e.g. if your flight, cruise or train is cancelled) and you will not be entitled to a refund.

  • Missed shuttle bus:

    No Refund. Shuttle bus timetables, where applicable, are available on the Park & Fly website and on booking Vouchers provided. It is your responsibility to be aware of shuttle bus operating hours and any scheduled timetables.

  • Missed Meet & Greet driver:

    No Refund. It is your responsibility to provide accurate meeting times and to inform the driver of any changes, with adequate notice. Should information about the meeting points not be provided on the Park & Fly website or on your booking voucher, it is the customer’s responsibility to obtain this information from the car park operator.

  • In the event of parking at another car park due to late arrival:

    No Refund

  • In the event of parking at another car park due to not finding the booked car park:

    No Refund. Directions are included in all booking vouchers and are readily available from Park & Fly with a valid booking. It is your responsibility to ensure you have your booking voucher and direction details with you when you travel.

  • Lack of booking voucher:

    No Refund. Booking vouchers are sent out automatically by email. Should your booking voucher fail to be delivered, it is your responsibility to contact Park & Fly and ensure you obtain the relevant details.

  • Unused parking days:

    No refund is available for unused or partially used bookings.

  • Non-accepted vehicle type:

    No Refund. It is your responsibility to find out which vehicle types can be accommodated, either within the specific car park information provided or by contacting Park & Fly.


Cancellation notice period:


  • More than 24 hours before the vehicle drop-off date and time: Full refund
  • 24 hours or less before the vehicle drop-off date and time: No refund


Privacy Policy


The company collecting the data is GDL s.r.o. (“Park & Fly”)
Park & Fly is committed to protecting your privacy. This document outlines our privacy practices.
Park & Fly provides a car parking reservation service. The data we collect is used exclusively to aid in the provision of this service.

  • We will use the information that we collect about you lawfully
  • The personal details that Park & Fly collects are used to process your booking with your chosen ‘parking service’. Your data will therefore be disclosed to the ‘company providing your chosen parking service (a third party).
  • The personal information which we hold will be done so securely, in accordance with our internal security policy and the law.
  • We will not collect excessive information and we will not add you to our email mailing list in unless you have given your consent.
  • Your computer’s IP address and device information such as the operating system you use
  • Your name and contact details, such as telephone number and email address
  • Vehicle details, such as registration number
  • Onward travel details, such as flight number or train time

We will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent. The information we hold will be accurate and up-to-date as far as is possible. We do not store any payment (credit or debit) card details. Such details are only taken at the time of payment and the process is completed using SSL encryption. We use Google Analytics to collect information about how you use our website, helping us to improve it. Google Analytics uses cookies to do this but all data collected is anonymous. Google’s privacy policy can be found at